3 Easy Tips to Style Your Family Photos

Family photos are one of those things you love to hate. You of course love the outcome – beautiful photos of your sweet family that you’ll cherish forever. The process however, isn’t as peaceful. As a mother and a photographer, I completely understand both sides. You want your family to look their best, because you don’t want sloppy looking photos to share with friends and family, right? One of the easiest ways to help your photos turn out the best they can be, is by planning your outfits ahead of time. I know, you can hear the kids and your husband grumbling already. The idea of matching clothes makes your family members cringe, but if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy – so they allow us this one little pleasure 🙂 Here are a few family photo ideas for you and your tribe.

Don’t Be Matchy Matchy

My first and most obvious tip to you, is to avoid the super matchy. We all know the family that has photos done on the beach, and everyone is wearing white tshirts and dark wash blue jeans. While those photos are beautiful, they are very dated in my opinion. You can get so much more creative with your outfits! The usual tip I give to families, is to choose a color scheme with two or three colors to stick with. Within that scheme, you can add some prints and solids.

Family Photo Ideas

Take a look at the Clark family for example. Nicole choose a beautiful deep purple and gold as her main colors, and accented them with neutral colors like cream and gray. The different prints between she and the girls aren’t quite identical, yet the colors compliment each other perfectly. She found her pants and the girls dresses at Old Navy – which is truly the one place I always suggest people go when looking for outfits for family photos!

 Family Photo Ideas

The last time my husband and I had family photos taken, we got a few pieces from Old Navy that all coordinated perfectly. We chose coral and blue as our main color scheme. My husband’s shirt and my shawl came from Old Navy, and BOOM we had the perfect outfits. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you can always count on Old Navy to have clothes across the entire store that coordinate with one another.

Take Care of the Kids First

Tip number two is honestly the most important one – buy your kids outfits first. Even if your kids are young, you know what brands of clothing fit them best and what they’re comfortable in. If your kids are uncomfortable, your photo session is more than likely going to end with frazzled parents and unhappy kids. To avoid mayhem, go with what you know! Whether it be Old Navy, Cat and Jack, The Children’s Place or Carter’s, find a cute piece that you know will be comfortable on your kids. Also, it’s getting harder and harder to find solid color kids clothing these days, so let them wear the bold prints. You can easily accent them yourself with solid colored pieces.

Layer it Up

The last tip is an easy one – dress in layers. Even if you’re getting photos taken in the summer time, you can buy a loose coverup and wear it over a tank top or t-shirt. Wearing different layers will first of all add texture and depth to your look. Layers can hide areas you may be insecure about, accessorize your outfit, and even act as a buffer. And by buffer, I pretty much mean kid proof. If you have your son wearing a plaid collared shirt with a colored shirt underneath, you have a back up plan. Just in case he gets a stain on his plaid shirt, no worries! You have his colored t-shirt as a backup that still matches.

As with anything, try not to stress about getting the perfect family photos taken. Your kids will pick up on your tension, and likely feed off of it. Not every single photo is going to be perfectly posed, and that’s honestly a beautiful representation of your family. No family is perfectly dressed and well mannered all the time. Embrace the crazy, let your kids make silly faces and enjoy yourselves. When was the last time you had family photos taken, and how did they turn out?

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