How to Start Your Day with Jesus

We’ve all been there – and you’re lying if you say you haven’t πŸ™‚ We begin to regress and slack off our time spent with the Lord no matter how hard we try. If you have a Bible reading schedule you follow, a devotional journal, or just prayer time – it’s time to get back to it! If you’re looking for a new way to start spending time with the Lord through daily devotions, don’t feel down or discouraged. We’re human, and with that human territory comes imperfections.

First, Set an Alarm

Yes I know. You probably have an alarm set in the morning to wake you up – and it’s the worst sound in the world. It’s time to associate your alarm with something to look forward to – your time with Jesus. Get your booty out of bed, turn on that Keurig and pull out your Bible, devotional, whatever! If you know that it takes a little while for the fog to settle in the mornings, set your alarm a few minutes earlier than what you really need.

Once you have your timing planned out, set a recurring alarm on your phone to go off every day. And here’s the kicker – when that alarm goes off, don’t just snooze it! Make it a priority to get out of bed and give your undivided attention to the Lord.

Find an Easy Format Devotional

Now this is kind of loaded. By easy format, I mean whatever is going to be easiest for you to access early in the morning. If you’re an early bird and like to get into the meat of the word first thing, that’s great! Pull your Bible out and get ready to dive in. If you know you aren’t as attentive in the mornings, maybe save your deep reading for later in the day and find something quick to read in the mornings.

Personally, I’m not really a night owl or a morning person. My prime is 2pm, and then I quickly crash between 4:30-5. Because of that, I found a wonderful app that I love to use in the morning call She Reads Truth.

She Reads Truth

Let me tell you – I adore this app.Β  It is so simple to navigate with four simple tabs at the bottom. There are tons of different studies to choose from! The app itself is free, but for $1.99 a month you can access all plans as much as you like.

She Reads Truth

I am currently reading through their study of Esther. It is divided into around a chapter a day, so you can read through the book effortlessly. You also gain access to several author’s commentary on the chapter as well. After completing each day, it places a check mark next to the day so you know exactly where you are in the plan – and who doesn’t love check marks? Ahh, completion.

She Reads Truth

You can supplement your reading through the second tab, where you have access to the entire Bible in your preferred version. You can highlight, take notes, place a bookmark and more all in this tab.

This app is essentially the cream of the crop when it comes to a daily devotional. You can even configure the app’s settings to send you a reminder during the day do read your devotional – no excuses! The content of the commentaries in the app may not go as deep as you would like for them to, so this may not be your main Bible study resource. But I think it is absolutely perfect to open it up first thing in the morning instead of facebook πŸ™‚

It’s All About Accountability

As with many other things in life, you are going to be much more successful if you find yourself an accountability partner. Find someone that you can trust and rely on – someone that you know isn’t afraid of hurting your feelings. Make sure that they will hold you accountable every day and follow up with you by text, e-mail, snail mail, whatever. We all need someone pushing us to be our best. Someone to come behind us and ask “Hey, did you read your devotional today?” “Did you eat your vegetables today?” “Did you drink enough water?” Find a friend that will hold you accountable, and do the same for them.


So what are you waiting for? Drop your excuses in a comment below, and start every day the way you should!

9 thoughts on “How to Start Your Day with Jesus

  1. I’ve never thought of using an app. I like to journal my time with the Lord. Usually I start with prayers written like a letter to God and then cover my scripture for the day. Sometimes I make notes of things I want to look deeper into. My main destroyer of this time with the Lord is when we have sickness go around the house. It usually keeps me up late and I get brain fog and have to try and wrestle the routine back in.

    1. I love journaling myself! It’s so much easier for me to have a conversation with the Lord without getting distracted if I’m writing my thoughts and prayers down!

  2. I love this. I have totally let life’s chaos get in the way of giving time to Jesus. I like the idea of accountability. Thanks for the great read.

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