Babies First Easter Basket

Let’s be honest guys. Every first holiday with a new baby is so exciting – but it’s really for us, the parents. There is no way our little ones will remember their first holidays, and maybe even the second or third ones. Now this is where I feel conflicted. We want those sweet photos of our babies first Christmas surrounded by presents wrapped in pretty paper. We want cute spring pictures of our little one sitting next to their first Easter basket – but they’re less than 12 months old. What in the world do they need? This Easter, I’m doing my best to create a cute and practical Babies first Easter basket for my daughter!

The Basket

Let’s start with the basket itself, and where better to look for one than our faithful motherland Target.

If you want a traditional wicker Easter basket, I think these are absolutely adorable. Target has so many different baskets to choose from this year, but I love the simplicity of this one! It has a very Pottery Barn feel with the added monogrammed liner. My husband and I wanted to buy a nice basket that we could use for as long as possible with our daughter, and I just think this one is so sweet and timeless! It will definitely be used for the years to come. You can find the basket and liner here.

If you want more of a trendy basket, I absolutely love this rustic wire one. It’s smaller in size than the wicker, but sometimes that can be better! It all depends on how full you want your basket to look. We won’t be using this one as our daughter’s basket, but it makes the perfect centerpiece on our table!

The Goodies Inside

Now comes the hard part. You don’t want to waste tons of money on things your baby won’t use, so what in the world do you put in their first Easter basket? They’re too young for chocolate eggs and can’t appreciate a good Easter Egg Hunt, so you’re stumped. Well let’s get creative! Think of some things your baby needs now, and might need in the coming months.


No matter your babies age, books are the perfect big items to put in your little babes basket. My daughter will be 7 months old this Easter, so these thick board books will be perfect for her chunky little fingers.They’re all Spring and Easter themed as well, so they’re the perfect addition!


Now I know. This totally makes me the uncool practical mom, but oh well! Socks get eaten in the dryer and left behind in grocery stores – babes can never have to many. This sweet little socks are in fresh springy colors, and will fit my daughter through Spring and into Summer!

Something Educational

I’m totally that mom who is convinced her child will be the next Albert Einstein, so I am always up for the opportunity to teach my little one – even when she’s still little! Target has these sweet little flash cards in their Dollar Spot right now, and I thought they’d be absolutely perfect.

Food Food Food

Since my little can’t eat Cadbury Eggs yet (my favorite), we’re tossing some of her favorite food into her Easter basket. She absolutely loves all of these puree blends from Happy Family Foods. I picked out a few of her favorites, and she’ll probably eat one for lunch Easter Sunday 🙂

And there you have it! A quick and easy to put together babies first Easter basket. Will my daughter remember what was in it? Absolutely not. But she will have some sweet photos to look back on of her first Easter!

What about you? Did you make an Easter basket for your babies first Easter? What did you choose to include?

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  1. Love your basket ideas! Mine are much older now but I did first baskets too! Books, small toys and food treats were my go to’s for their first one! Enjoy your first…it goes by fast!

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