About Lensy Life

Welcome to Lensy Life! I’m Rebecca – a new mom, wife, lifestyle photographer and Target addict. I’ve created Lensy Life as a place of internet solace for you. A place where you can get away from your facebook friends passive aggressive posts, and read while your kids are napping, nursing or terrorizing the house (judgement free zone here). I studied Communications and Journalism in college, so I naturally am doing nothing related to my degree. I’ve worked in the fast food industry for 10 years and I like to think the service industry has roughed up my edges. I have a passion for writing, photography and graphic design, all of which I will share with you here! By no means do I live a perfect life and have things all figured out, our lives are constantly evolving. I’m just here to share with you lifestyle tips, photography hacks, motherhood woes and everything in-between. Join me on this crazy journey, and share your own experiences along the way!


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