DIY Pink Lemonade Birthday Party

It was your average Tuesday, and my daughter Emerson and I were on our usual Target run. We went in for diapers, and walked out with $40+ in supplies for her birthday party … that was in three months. That folks, is what the Target Dollar Spot does to a girl. It pulls you in with bright colors and cute patterns, and sucks you dry until your husband won’t let you in Target by yourself anymore. Anyways, that was the day I decided on the theme for my daughters first birthday party – a Pink Lemonade Stand! Now we all know how the Dollar Spot in Target works. The good stuff goes quick, so if you see something you like you have to pick it up quick or it will be gone! I immediately called my husband and asked what he thought, (true story, he’s allergic to lemons :D) and he gave me the go ahead. From then on, it was operation DIY Pink Lemonade Birthday Party!

Several weeks and even more Hobby Lobby trips later, I got to see everything come together. I realize I am totally that mom that may have gone a little overboard, but your child only has one first birthday and I wanted to have beautiful pictures for her to remember it by! I am so pleased with how everything came out, so let’s dig right in to the details! Everything was either purchased from Target’s Dollar Spot, or created on my Cricut Explore Air.

One of my favorite elements of the party was this sweet area we had set up for our guests to sign a keepsake for Emerson. The chalkboard frame and decor came from the Dollar Spot, and I simply wrote a quick little message with a chalk marker. My husband cut up an old palette for me to stain, and fashioned a farmhouse frame for everyone to sign! My Mother-in-Law bought us a sweet frame for our wedding that everyone signed, so I knew I wanted to do something similar for Emerson’s party. I am so pleased with how it turned out!

I really put my Cricut to work for this ya’ll. The fabric pennant banner came from the Dollar Spot, and I cut out everything else with my Cricut! I thought this was the perfect way to display her monthly photos, with a lemon in each corner. I glued each photo and the extra lemons to strands of fishing line and simply tied them to curtain rod – so easy! I was so pleased with how this turned out.

Throughout Emerson’s first year I’ve also been taking photos of her with my Polaroid. I found this cute pink fringe ribbon in you guessed it – the Dollar Spot – and tied it in between our bookshelves for a simple banner. Add a few cute clothespins, and you’re good to go!

Next up we have my favorite part of the whole party, the lemonade bar. Because what’s a lemonade stand without lemonade?! Pretty much everything here came from the Dollar Spot. I absolutely love the treat bags so much, I didn’t even use them to give away 🙂 I simply hung some twine and clipped them on with clothespins!

The handy old Cricut and some vinyl made the cutest personalized beverage dispenser too!

To top off the lemonade bar, these cute paper straws just had to happen. Who can say no when it comes to cute straws? The chalkboard lemon sign was such a sweet addition too! Add a little personalization with a chalk marker, and you have yourself a sweet lemonade bar!

And of course, what’s a party without the cutest scalloped napkins. Target gets me with these every time ya’ll. Every time!

This sweet little station was home to goodie bags for our guests to take home. I made some royal iced sugar cookies (which I am now realizing I never got a photo of) and bagged them up in cellophane treat bags for people to grab on their way out! The ‘one’ balloon topped everything off perfectly!

And next we have the center of attention for most of our photos – the highchair! I knew that I wanted a cute little spot for photos of the birthday girl! For the backdrop, I bought five colorful tablecloths and cut them into about 2 inch strips. We stapled some twine across the archway and tied each strip to the twine. The backdrop came together much easier than I thought it would, and didn’t take too long to assemble!

For the high chair banner, I found a few themed ones on Pinterest that I liked and tried to re-create them. All it took was some cardstock, my Cricut, and some fabric and I was all set! I bought 1/2 a yard of the pink and yellow polka dot fabric and cut them into about one inch strips. After they were all cut, I simply tied them onto the twine, just like the backdrop! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. We threw a plain white table cloth on top of the high chair as well, to even the colors out for photos (and to protect it from the potential cake flinging 🙂 )

I chose to go very simple on the dining room table, because I wanted to be sure people had enough room for their food! The cute striped table cloth came from the dollar spot, and brightened up the room so well. Then I stuffed a plain cylinder vase with pink and white table cloth, and placed the pinwheels on either side of the vase. Add some little decorations on either side of the vase, and we had a simple and cute centerpiece!

To top everything off, we placed a few decorations on our walkway outside. My Mother-in-Law found the sweet little lemonade stand at Hobby Lobby, and it made the perfect little welcome piece to all of our guests! The yard stakes were a sweet addition as well. All in all, I am so pleased with how Emerson’s first birthday party turned out. Even without all the decorations, we would have had a good time with our friends and family, but I wanted to throw a sweet little party for her that we could look back and show her photos of! We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, let alone the idea of having another child – and she only turns one once! That’s why to me, it was worth all the work and time spent to throw a beautiful birthday party for her. Happy Birthday my sweet babe!

DIY Wooden Farmhouse Sign

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing with you a super easy project that even the crafty challenged can complete! We all see those gorgeous farmhouse signs all over Pinterest, but they cost an arm and a leg. I’ve got a quick tutorial for you so you can make your own DIY wooden farmhouse sign!


To start things off, take a trip to your local craft store. For me, that’s Hobby Lobby. I’m usually not allowed in there unsupervised 🙂 Just browse around until you find a few things that speak to you! I picked up these sweet scalloped edge wooden signs. The unfinished wood is perfect for the farmhouse feel.

For paint, this little beauty steals the show. I used a basic white acrylic that I already had at home, and I picked up this beautiful blue chalk paint. Chalk paint is the key to getting that true farmhouse feel. It dries completely matte and is a bit easier to distress than your typical acrylic.

Next choose some pretty embellishments. I went into the scrapbooking aisle and found these gorgeous fabric flowers. Less is more when it comes to a farmhouse style, so you don’t want to pick anything too crazy and distracting.

And that’s it! Pretty simple supply list, and you can easily find everything for under $15.

The Process

Now for the fun part! Take your wooden piece and give it a quick white wash with your acrylic paint. I used a sponge tip brush and only applied one coat to the surface. Since we’re putting the chalk paint on top, this coat doesn’t have to be perfect! Make sure you cover the edges evenly so the piece will look good from every angle.

Once the white coat is completely dry, it’s time to have some fun with the chalk paint. For this step, I used a wide and coarse bristled brush. Typically when you’re painting you want to use even strokes to minimize brush lines, but that is not the case with this project. I applied the paint in smaller amounts at a time, and let the coarse bristles of the brush do the work for me. You want to be able to see the white paint through your brush strokes. If you find that the paint is applying too heavily, keep a wet paper towel close by, and wipe down the paint as you go to give it the distressed look. Once you’re pleased with paint, it’s time to move on to the creative part!

The Stenciling

This next step is where things get fun, and you can get creative! Search around for a sweet quote, word or whatever you would like for your sign to say. I created these signs as mother’s day gifts for my mom and mother-in-law, so I decided to cover the majority of the sign with their name, and then a simple quote underneath that reads “(noun): one who spoils; gives lots of kisses.”

Once you have your quote picked up, you can choose how to stencil them onto the wood. You can pick up some letter stencils in your craft store and easily piece together your phrase or word, or you can make a stencil yourself, or you can even freehand it! The point is to paint your quote on, however you decide to do it. Instead of applying a perfect vinyl cutout or overlay, the slight flaws and blurry lines from stenciling give that perfect rustic touch to the farmhouse feel.

I myself have a Cricut Explore (I highly recommend it) so I decided to create my own stencil through their design space. I chose a font that had a typewriter feel to it, to help the text look more authentic to the farmhouse style. I cut the phrase out on thick cardstock so the paint wouldn’t bleed through, and started painting! To paint the letters on I used a dense sponge brush to make sure the paint was as evenly distributed as possible.

I used the same acrylic white paint that I white washed the pieces with. It took about two coats for me to get the paint as opaque as I wanted it. Make sure you let the paint fully dry before removing the stencil, or you may have a mess to clean up!

Here’s a close up of the text on the wood. I love how the style of the font is still clear, yet the imperfections from the paint and stencil make it look worn and rugged. I’m usually such a stickler for my projects looking perfect, so this was really refreshing! It was nice to not have to worry about every little detail of the stencil, and the end result is beautiful and rustic!


The Final Product

Here are the two finished farmhouse signs! Once all of your paint from the stencil is completely dry, you can add whatever embellishments you want – or leave it be! There is so much beauty in a simple farmhouse style, so you can totally just paint your piece and call it a day!

I however chose to add a few embellishments for a little more flair. I glued on the beautiful fabric flowers with some basic all purpose glue to each of the corners. For a finishing touch, I added some white mini clothespins so each Grandma can clip their favorite photos of their grandbabies to display. Because let’s be real, there aren’t many grandparents who don’t enjoy showing off their grandkids.

And that’s it! Wasn’t that a simple project? These simple farmhouse signs are kind of like the perfect pair of jeans. You can easily dress them up with a few simple embellishments, or you can leave them simple and let them speak for themselves. They are fully customizable, the possibilities are truly endless! I hope you found this inspiring and helpful, happy crafting friends!