A Quick and Easy Fall Makeup Tutorial

Hey friends! I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite some time, and I’m finally sitting down to pull it all together – so I’m excited to share this with you! For those of you who don’t know me, I am a Beautycounter consultant and passionate about all things safer beauty. Beautycounter is a company created by our founder, Gregg Renfrew, that is gaining national attention. We have skincare, bodycare, haircare, kids and baby products, and my most favorite – makeup – all formulated without over 1500 ingredients that can be potentially toxic and harmful to our bodies! I won’t go into any more detail about the brand right now, that’s worth a separate post 😉 But because of the safer ingredient lists on our products, many are skeptical if everything is actually effective. The answer is YES! Everything is extremely high performing, just like your usual drugstore and high end brands – they even perform better than several products I used to use! Long story short, I’m sharing this post with you because I love Fall, and I love Fall makeup even more. I want to show you first hand that you can achieve a beautiful Fall makeup look with safer products, without sacrificing effectiveness! So here we go! I give you a quick and easy Fall makeup tutorial featuring Beautycounter products!


Just to give you an idea of the effectiveness of our products, here’s a glamorous before photo. Also, don’t mind my stained t-shirt in all the photos. We’re staying in today, and I’m not about to get dressed just to take a photo #realtalk 😉

Step 1: Foundation

For our first step, we’re going to apply our Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation. I am currently wearing the shade Linen, however once my true pasty self comes to form in the Fall and Winter weather I will need the shade Porcelain. Since this is more of a ‘glam’ look, I decided to use our Tint Skin foundation to give more coverage than what the Dew Skin offers!

I applied the foundation simply with my fingers, but you can also use a brush or makeup sponge – whatever you like! I love our foundation for two reasons.

One, it’s SO buildable! I used one layer of the foundation today, however you can apply a second layer for a night out or a special event without looking cakey and gross!

Two, the Tint Skin is formulated with Jojoba Esters to help moisturize, soothe and soften your skin. In other words – it’s a foundation that is actually going to care for your skin while giving you the coverage you desire! Shop the Tint Skin here.

Step 2: Concealer

Next, we’re going to apply the Touch Up Concealer Pen. It’s important to apply concealer AFTER your foundation, because it will end up saving you some product! Foundation will naturally give you some coverage and help mask any imperfections, so you can add in concealer wherever you need a little extra umph! I use the touchup concealer pen in the shade fair.

As goofy as this looks, it’s worth the results! If you have terrible under eye bags and darkness like I do, it’s important to apply your concealer in an inverted triangle shape. Dragging the concealer below the under eye area will naturally draw the light down your cheeks, and away from the problem area! I blended my concealer with my pinky finger, being extremely delicate around the under eye area.

I adore our touch up concealer pen because of the brush applicator. It’s so easy to apply the product precisely where you need it! It is also formulated with knotgrass, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Over time your skin will appear brighter and firmer! Yes please 🙂 Shop the concealer pen here.

Step 3: Blush

Next, we’re adding some beautiful Fall color to our face! I’m using the satin powder blush in the shade sorbet. Now if you were to look at this shade on my website, it looks extremely intimidating. But I promise you with a light hand it is absolutely stunning, and it is the perfect berry shade for fall!

I applied the blush with a fluffy angled blush brush (say that five times fast!) To easily find the apples of my cheeks, I smile and start to apply the blush on my cheek bones, and then blend it back towards my hairline. Our blush powders are triple milled, meaning they are ultra smooth and incredibly creamy for a powder! They swatch on your hand like a dream, and apply to the face so easily. As far as staying power goes, they are honestly the longest lasting blushes I own (and I’m a die hard NARS blush addict.) What’s the magic ingredient you ask? Butterpowder. Butterpowder boosts the pigments color and wear, so you don’t have to worry about it fading away!

Shop the satin powder blush collection here

Step 4: Eyebrows

Eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows. Your brows are so important ya’ll, and they deserve a little TLC! You’ll see in the photo below how they can frame your face, and the difference a filled in brow can make! I use our brow pencil in the shade medium and it’s a perfect match for my brows and hair. One side of the pencil has an awesome spooly brush to help tame those wild hairs, and the other is the pencil itself!

The proof is in the pudding ladies – look at the difference! My right (your left) brow is filled in and full. My left brow is crying for help! A filled in brow lifts the eye area, and frames the rest of your face perfectly.

Now that looks better, doesn’t it! Both brows are filled in and beautiful! Shop the color define brow pencil here.

Step 6: Eyeshadow

The real gem of this post – our Velvet Eyeshadow palette in Romantic. I’m in love ya’ll. Before Beautycounter I was an eyeshadow snob. I wouldn’t settle for anything less than Anastasia quality (the Modern Renaissance Palette is my fav!) And I have to tell you, these shadows are just as good if not better! The Romantic Palette is perfect for those gorgeous berry fall looks that everyone loves!

I wanted to keep this look fairly simple, so I used the three colors on the right of the palette. I placed Dusk all over my eyelid. (Photo below)

I placed Truffle in my crease with a fluffy brush (photo below.)

And I used Candlelight as a highlight under my brows! It is a super simple three shadow look, yet still looks beautifully put together. Shop the Romantic Palette here.

Step 7: Mascara


If leave the house with anything on my face ya’ll, it will at least be mascara! A good mascara is so important. It lifts the lashes, makes the lash line appear thicker, and your eyes more awake (can I get an Amen?!) Beautycounter offers two mascara formulas, one is volumizing and one is lengthening. Layer the two together, and you get the most beautiful, dramatic lashes you could dream of! However today, I just used the volumizing mascara.

I prefer a pretty thick lash, so I always apply two coats of mascara. Before finding Beautycounter’s mascara, I would always wake up in the mornings with watery, red and irritated eyes. The eye boogers were real ya’ll! It wasn’t until I switched over to Beautycounter’s that I realized my mascara was irritating my eyes! Even after removing my makeup at night, I was waking up with the remnants of mascara irritating my eyes. Did you know many mascaras on the market today are formulated with carbon black? It’s used to give mascaras and eyeliners the deep black pigment we all love. So what’s so bad about it? Carbon black is a known human carcinogen, and is also used as a reinforcing filler in tires. Tires! I’m not sharing this to scare you, it’s just important to be aware of what you’re putting in and on your body! However you don’t have to worry about carbon black in Beautycounter’s mascara. It is formulated with caranuba and rice bran wax, as well as bataua oil to help soften and condition your lashes! Shop the volumzing mascara here.

Step 8: Lipstick

This little beauty pulls the whole look together! One of the easiest ways to pull off a beautiful Fall look is with a deeper color lipstick. This is Beautycounter’s sheer lipstick in the shade plum. It looks very dark in the tube, but once applied it is the absolute perfect wearable berry color! Don’t let the deep color of a Fall lip scare you, with minimal makeup on the rest of your face it can be absolutely stunning! I love these sheer lipsticks for so many reasons, but mainly because of their fragrance. Any time you see ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ that means you need to do some serious hunting to find out what synthetic ingredients are in your product to give them their artificial scent. There are so many products on the market I can’t use because their artificial heavy fragrance bothers my allergies and gives me a headache. However these sheer lipsticks contain natural vanilla, so there’s absolutely no artificial fragrance to worry about!

Is this color not absolutely beautiful?! To me, a Fall look is all about the lip color. It’s so easy to pull off a deeper than normal color by going minimal across the rest of your face! I didn’t choose to wear a super dramatic eye, and used a light hand with my blush so the focus of the face is the lip color. I absolutely love how beautifully these products pull together to create this look, you better believe I’ll be wearing this a lot this Fall!

So there you have it friends. Here’s a super simple yet beautiful Fall makeup tutorial using safer beauty products! Everything is free of fillers, synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals. Now yes, I am a Beautycounter consultant, so you can say I’m a bit biased towards all of these products. However I used these products for quite some time before I even became a consultant. They are safe, effective and I feel 100% comfortable wearing them around my little one! I hope you all enjoyed this look, let me know if you’d like to see more blog tutorials!

A Spring Skincare Guide

A Spring Skincare Guide

It’s no secret, the harsh Winter air and cold temperatures can wreak havoc on our skin. We bust out the heavy moisturizers and slather ourselves all Winter long in desperate hopes to keep our face soft and moisturized. That one of the many reasons I’m always happy to see Spring roll around! Now that temperatures are warming up and our skin is bouncing back from the dry heat, it’s time to change up your skin care routine. I think it’s just as important to have a strong Spring skincare routine as it is a Winter one! Spring is a time to focus on restoring the moisture and prepping your skin for the Summer sun! Here are a few products that I think make up the perfect Spring Skincare Guide to get you ready for Summer!

A little disclaimer before we get started. Every single person has different needs for their skin – so what I recommend may not be the best option for you! It is best for you to know and understand your skin in order for you to treat it. I have extremely dry sensitive skin with minimal acne (thank you Lord!) I also have found that the less heavy products I use, the better! As soon as I started cutting out any products targeted towards acne, products with harsh chemicals  and heavy perfumes, I noticed a huge difference in my skin! So take my suggestions with a grain of salt, and make sure to keep your own skins needs in mind when choosing products to use.

A Great Makeup Remover

Spring Skincare Cleanser

I cannot stress this one enough ya’ll – and it’s number one in our lineup for a reason. We load our faces up with makeup, and they absorb so many chemicals and pollution throughout the day. It is SO important to remove it all at the end of the day! You already know it, so you don’t need to hear it from me, but your skin is your largest organ. It is so important to let it breathe while you sleep at night – which is why you have to make sure you cleanse well before bed!

Now I’m not a totally “crunchy” person, but I like to use as little chemicals as possible on my skin – which is why i absolutely adore these makeup removing washcloths from Sephora. They work just like the Makeup Eraser cloths, they’re just much cheaper! These little babies come in a 2 pack, and they’re better than disposable wipes because they’re completely free of chemicals and reusable! Just pop them in the wash with the rest of your towels to clean them. I usually wash mine once a week, so rotating between the two in this pack is perfect. Ignore the appearance of mine, I promise it’s clean, just well loved 🙂 But all you have to do is wet these under warm water, rub it in circles around your face and BAM – your makeup is gone! I honestly hardly ever use an actual cleanser because between this and my next product, my makeup is completely gone. You can buy these beautiful babies here.

Coconut Oil

Spring Skincare Moisturizer

If you guys get anything from this post – make sure it’s this. COCONUT OIL YA’LL. I absolutely adore coconut oil, and I use it for so many things in my beauty routine. It is the absolute best makeup remover and moisturizer all together in a sweet little jar. We all want beautiful radiant skin, especially as Spring and Summer are approaching because we typically wear less makeup. This is seriously the best way to cleanse your skin without drying it out!

I keep a jar of coconut oil on my bathroom counter and use it daily. For the days when I wear heavy makeup, I’ll scoop out about a quarter sized amount and emulsify it in my hands. Once it’s warmed up, I simply rub in small circles, really concentrating on my eyes (that’s usually where the most makeup is for me). It’s gentle enough to use on the eye area, and it conditions your lashes instead of ripping them out (can I get an AMEN). AND when you’re done cleansing, you smell like a tropical vacation.

Between this little beauty and my makeup remover cloths, I can easily remove all my makeup within minutes. I buy this Simply Nature Coconut Oil from my local Aldi. It’s 100% refined, Cold Pressed, Virgin oil. You can substitute it with any other Coconut Oil you like to use! I would just suggest that if you cook with Coconut Oil, to buy yourself a separate jar to use in your beauty routine.

A Purifying Mask

Spring Skincare Mask

There are so many masks out there, and they all have these amazing claims – and I feel like I have tried them all. From the classic green mint julep mask from Queen Helene, to the crazy peel off charcoal masks that were all over instagram, I always have some sort of mask in my beauty regimen. I can honestly say that this little beauty is the best one I have ever had in my arsenal. And let me just throw out there – I am not in any way affiliated with Beautycounter, nor do I sell it or plan on selling it – I just love this that much. If you are interested in trying out some Beautycounter products, here’s a link to my Beautycounter Rep’s website!

Anyways, this charcoal mask is the bomb.com ya’ll. I use it twice a week, usually on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. It has such a fresh invigorating scent and leaves my skin feeling so soft and replenished, not dry and tight!

Beautycounter Skincare Charcoal Mask

The real magic of this masks happens while it’s drying. (Don’t mind this gorgeous glamour shot 🙂 )If you look closely on the bridge of my nose, in-between my eyebrows and on the sides of my nose, you can see where the mask has pulled excess oil out of my skin. And I have super dry skin ya’ll. Even in the dead of summer I use a pretty heavy moisturizer, and I don’t get that oily. This mask still manages to pull out extra gunk and oil every time I use it! It’s truly worth it’s weight in gold – I highly recommend it!

A Good Toner

Clinique Toner Spring Skincare

I feel like toners get neglected in the skin care world. And that is so sad, because they can make such a huge difference in the quality of your skin! After cleansing and using masks, your skin is stripped of some of it’s natural moisture – no matter how gentle of a cleanser you use. Toner’s help to restore your skin’s PH and replenish moisture back into your skin. That’s why even if you have oily skin, it is so so important to follow up your cleansing with a toner!

I have been using this Clinique Clarifying Moisture Lotion for over 2 years and there’s no turning back anytime soon. Clinique skincare is one of the most customizable lines out there, and I LOVE it. You can mix and match between products based on your skins needs. This toner is “Number 1” in their toner line, and provides the most moisture of them all. I simply squirt a few drops onto a cotton pad and gently wipe it across my entire face (minus the eyeballs). My skin feels so great after I use this, and it even helps remove any makeup that my cleansing routine left behind!

Serum Serum Serum!

Beautycounter Serum Spring Skincare

After my toner I apply this little beauty – the newest member of my skincare family. I can’t speak on the longterm effects of it yet but I’m already a raving fan.

Serum’s are so hot in the beauty community right now, and after using this I totally understand why. This is the Rejuvenating Radiance Serum from Beautycounter, and it is a rockstar of a product. I apply it after my toner and before my moisturizer, and I feel like my makeup goes on SO much smoother after using it!

It claims to help even your skin tone, improve hydration and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. It has become such a great pair with my moisturizer, I can’t wait to see what long term effects I see!

A Tried and True Moisturizer

Clinique Moisturizer Spring Skincare

Ah, old faithful. In my 26 years of life, I have gone back and forth between so many different facial moisturizers – it’s almost disgusting. And somehow, I always end up coming back to this little guy. This is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +. Once again, Clinique carries several different moisturizers based on your skin type and this is the perfect one for me. Even if you’re an oily skin girl, it’s still so important to moisturize, you just have to find the right one!

This moisturizer applies so lightly and blends into your skin like butter. It absorbs in a matter of minutes, so you don’t have to sit around and wait before you apply your makeup! I apply it in the morning and at night as the very last step in my routine. I can genuinely say that if I miss a few days of using this moisturizer, I definitely notice a difference. It keeps my dry patches at bay, doesn’t break me out and keeps my skin looking radiant! If I had to choose one holy grail item from my skincare routine, hands down no question, it would be this moisturizer.

A Gentle Exfoliant

Aveeno Exfoliator Spring Skincare

Ah exfoliants, a dry skinned girl’s best friend. Exfoliation is probably my biggest tip to you when it comes to having radiant, Spring ready skin. I’ve honestly used countless exfoliators over the years, and all of them seem to perform fairly well for me. The past few months I’ve been using this Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub, and I really enjoy it. I use this little guy while in the shower, mainly because I hate to try and rinse an exfoliant off over the sink (I always end up flooding the bathroom. Anyone else?)

The exfoliant particles in this scrub are gentle enough for me to use as often as I need and they have never irritated my skin!

And that my friends, is all I have for you today. I hope you’ll do some research on these products and find something similar to give your skincare routine a good boost for Spring! I love being able to feel confident about my skin in the Spring and Summer months, so I don’t feel like I have to cake up the makeup every time I leave the house.

I’ve repurchased the majority of these products time and time again, and will continue to. I’m definitely an advocate for less is more – especially with skincare. My skin is currently in the best shape of my life and I honestly think it’s because I cut out the unnecessary products, and stick to the few things that work for me!

What does your skincare routine look like, and what are some of your holy grail products?